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Why SmartSuite?

“The format is well laid out and allows for even the most technologically inexperienced to use it with ease. It is extremely user-friendly. If I can use it anyone can.”

-  Perth High School Librarian

Easy for the library team to add and manage resources in the Library.

The Librarians Choice

Easy for staff to search and use library resources wherever, whenever.

The Teachers Choice

Easy for students to search for age appropriate resources at school or at home. 

The Students Choice

The Complete Learning Hub Package

A Library Management System like no other. It's simple to use, intuitive and intelligent, learning and anticipating your needs and preferences. It has been designed to efficiently handle both physical and digital assets.

Combined with TV4Education video resources, you gain immediate access to over 150,000 items, significantly expanding your school's library collection.

Customise your catalogue page

Support and Training

Our goal is to make sure that you succeed which is why support is on going, unlimited and PD events are included for your team.

SmartSuite Library Management System

Ready To Use

From day one your library system is ready to go with a captivating interface. Want to highlight topics or collections - you can easily!

Portable Library

Take Your Library with You

Reliable, safe research and resources are available for your school with SmartSuite with no apps or downloads.

Manage your library resources

Efficient Resource Organisation

SmartSuite facilitates streamlined cataloging, shelving, and retrieval processes, ensuring that schools can effectively manage their diverse collections of books, multimedia resources, and digital assets.

Access resources 24/7

Enhanced Accessibility

With SmartSuite's intuitive interface and advanced search capabilities, students and educators can easily locate and access the resources they need, promoting a seamless and user-friendly library experience.

SmartSuite has comprehensive reporting

Robust Reporting and Analytics

SmartSuite provides comprehensive insights into library usage, resource circulation, and inventory trends, empowering schools to make data-driven decisions regarding resource allocation and collection development.

SmartSuite supports faster searches

Faster Searching

Connect your users with the most intelligent Research Gateway in existence today.
One search can provide results from all of your library's subscriptions, as well as many free resources (out of the box). 

Patron Management is Easy

Managing Staff and Students

SmartSuite allows schools to easily manage patrons as they move year levels and graduate, customise patron profiles and preferences, facilitating personalised recommendations, notifications, and resource suggestions tailored to individual user needs and interests.

Borrowing and Returning Books

Effortless Circulation Management

SmartSuite automates circulation processes, including check-in, check-out, and renewal procedures, streamlining workflows and minimising administrative burdens for library staff.

SmartSuite keeps your school community safe online

Compliance and Security

SmartSuite ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations governing library management systems, while also implementing robust security measures to safeguard sensitive patron data and intellectual property.

FSI has always been industry leaders and always will

Continuous Innovation

With ongoing updates and enhancements driven by feedback from schools and libraries, SmartSuite remains at the forefront of innovation, adapting to evolving educational needs and technological advancements to deliver cutting-edge library management solutions.

MORE Intelligence

means a better user experience.

Imagine clicking on a Geography textbook and seeing recommendations of educational Documentaries and TV-Series on Globalisation and Climate Change. 

Imagine reading a novel like Lord of the Flies and be recommended the Movie adaptation to watch. 

Struggling to search for relevant titles for a research assignment? - What about a system that looks at the books your peers have been using all across Australia and recommends popular titles for that topic from your Library? 

... The future of libraries is here! 

By recommending titles that are relevant to each individual, SmartSuite v4.1 guarantees increased library engagement.

SmartSuite means your library is in your pocket

Join thousands of Australian educators on FSI solutions today.

Our Client Feedbacks

“Both in my private and professional life I have never dealt with a more ethical company. This is evident at every level of personnel. They don’t give false promises. What they say they will do, they do, without exception.”

primary schools
On overall
experience with FSI
WA Primary School

“Customer service is exceptional. No matter how trivial my queries have been I have always been greeted politely and treated most respectfully. Problems are solved very quickly, if not immediately.”

Prep to Year 12
On service and support
VIC P-12 School

“When I first heard the price of SmartSuite I kept waiting for the catch, the additional invoice or surprise fee. A year after we implemented SmartSuite at our secondary school I am pleasantly surprised to find that it did include training, no per-student fees and it allowed us to replace two other systems for a fraction of the cost with SmartSuite.”

Secondary Schools
On price
NSW Secondary School
150,000 Videos now

+ 150 New Videos Weekly

MORE Content

Grow your library by over 150,000 educational resources overnight.

Signing up to SmartSuite instantly connects your library resources to Australia's Largest Educational Video Library: TV4Education.

In addition, SmartSuite v4.1's intelligence, connects every book in your collection to relevant educational videos instantly as you add them into your collection.

Allowing your clients to lookup a book and be matched directly with Documentaries, TV-Series and Movies to match. 

We've worked for and with Australian Libraries and Educators for over 30 years. Our solutions are embedded with their requests and ideas.