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Everything we do at FSI revolves around this principle. Our dedication to delivering cutting-edge software at the most accessible cost, along with unparalleled support & training, consistently reinforces this foundational value.

"Education is a right, and definitely not a privilege. "
- Michael Fernandez, CEO and Founder. 


Meeting Your Needs with Tailored Solutions

Corporate Solutions

Secondary Schools

Flexible and Accessible.
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Universities and Tafes

Micro Schools

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Public Libraries


Tafe or University?
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Corporate Library Collections

FSI offers comprehensive library management solutions tailored for private collections, seamlessly integrating the management of both data, digital and physical items. Our services ensure meticulous documentation and organisation, allowing for efficient cataloging, tracking, and retrieval of materials. We are passionate about libraries and deeply believe in their value. Therefore, every solution we provide is tailored to meet your specific needs and includes continuous support and training to ensure your staff feels fully supported.

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Public Libraries

With over 35 years of experience working with libraries, FSI is uniquely positioned to offer top-tier library management solutions to public libraries. Our extensive expertise ensures that we understand the nuanced needs of these institutions, allowing us to deliver tailored solutions that enhance efficiency and accessibility. Additionally, we excel in cross-promoting public libraries to local schools, fostering community engagement and encouraging lifelong learning.

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Library Management

SmartSuite Library Management System

Empowering Libraries and enhancing literacy. Your all-in-one solution for effortless management, designed for the end user, loved by educators and librarians.

TV4Education Educational Videos

TV4Education Video Library

A safe place to quickly and easily find ad-free videos from Free-To-Air and Foxtel TV for your staff and students to stream.

SmartSuite and TV4Education

The Learning Hub Package

Enhance your school's resources with SmartSuite Library Management, designed to efficiently handle both physical and digital assets. Combined with TV4Education video resources, you gain immediate access to over 150,000 items, significantly expanding your school's library collection.

Security and Privacy Matter, at FSI it is a priority. Which is why we ensure your data is handled and housed in Australia and verified and assessed by a number of partners.

Who is FSI?

FSI Loves Libraries. FSI Champions Libraries.
Michael's Story


Over 3 Decades of Experience

working with and for librarians, library teams and educators.


Passionate About Service

Our CEO Michael birthed FSI out of his belief that education is a right, not a privilege. 


Australian Owned and Operated

Always were and always will be. We take pride in personally servicing all our libraries, ensuring the highest quality experience for our clients.

We've worked for and with Australian Libraries and Educators for over 30 years. Our solutions are embedded with their requests and ideas.