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We believe in great customer support. Support that's accessible 24/7 from where ever you are, whatever you need. 

Train with Michael, Quentin, Donald and Carmen

Donald - Customer Service Manager

"We don't want to push our ideas and agenda on to our customers, we simply want to listen and learn from them to better enable us to guide them to a solution."

On Demand Support

We are here to help so FSI offers Phone and Email support, Online Training, PD events, Help pages, Online Training and a Chat support system

Train at your own pace

SmartTraining is all about fitting in with you.

No more lengthy training sessions for faculties or admins on how to use a new system.

Bite-sized, interactive,
in-system training means that you learn whilst doing it... Not by being told.


We've worked for and with Australian Libraries and Educators for over 30 years. Our solutions are embedded with their requests and ideas.